Challenge the Mind. Shape the Heart.

Game-Changing Educational Model

IEI is bringing an innovative “personalized learning” model to developing countries of the world. Mathematics is the initial focus, but other subjects will be added as appropriate software becomes available. This educational model is transformative for countries that lack electrical power, internet access, and qualified teachers.

The model leverages highly efficient battery-powered laptops and servers. Generators are provided where needed. The KA-Lite platform provides a complete K-12 mathematics curriculum, leveraging the popular Khan Academy instructional videos and exercises. The traditional teacher lecture is replaced by the KA-Lite learning system. Students, working in pairs, engage the videos and exercises which systematically move them through arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and into the higher levels of mathematics. Pacing is individualized, and mastery is required before a student moves to a new topic.

The role of the teacher changes dramatically. Rather than being the primary source of knowledge, the teacher becomes a “coach,” guiding the students as they progress through the lessons. The teacher is responsible for assigning partners, monitoring progress, performing assessments, managing record keeping, and maintaining classroom order. This model does not require the teacher to have a high level of math proficiency. The program provides for teachers an ever-present professional development opportunity. They can learn math skills on their own, as well as gain valuable teaching tips as they watch the instructional videos.

With the computer program, you can play [the videos] as many times as you want so that you can get it fully. Not many teachers want you to ask a question more than five times. But with the computer, you can ask more than a hundred times and it will continue.
— Musu Weah, Liberian Student, 12th Grade


IEI leverages low-cost computing devices and free Open Education Resources (OER) to improve educational opportunities for children around the world. We seek partnerships in designing models that are affordable, sustainable, and scalable. For regions of the world lacking internet access, we implement downloadable solutions and local Wi-Fi networks.

We utilize proven platforms such as:


Character and Leadership Development

IEI believes that shaping the heart is as important as training the mind. Leadership skills and the “3Cs personal essentials” of character, chemistry, and competency is taught alongside the academic subjects. The story of Samuel Morris is being woven into a compelling curriculum highlighting 36 different 3Cs qualities such as humility, contentment, serving, communicating, forgiving, executing, and teamwork. We know the only way this is possible is through introducing the students to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. 


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