Game-Changing Model

IEI's portable "digital classroom" brings an innovative, personalized learning model to developing countries of the world that lack electrical power, internet access, qualified teachers, and teaching resources. The model utilizes highly efficient battery-powered laptops and mini servers. Leveraging the popular Khan Academy instructional videos and exercises, the offline KA-Lite platform provides a complete K-12 mathematics curriculum. Students, working in pairs, engage the videos and exercises which systematically move them through arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and into the higher levels of mathematics. Pacing is individualized, and mastery is required before a student moves to a new topic. In this model, the teacher's role becomes that of a coach, guiding the students as they progress through the lessons.


Innovative Technologies

IEI deploys portable laptop trunks holding 20 lightweight laptops that run for an entire school day on a battery charge. The laptops receive a Wi-Fi signal from the Remote Areas Hotspot for Education and Learning (RACHEL) mini server that also runs for up to 10 hours on a charge. The RACHEL server is loaded with the latest in free educational software including KA-Lite, Wikipedia for SchoolsProject Gutenberg, CK-12 Textbooks, TED Talks, Fantastic Phonics, MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia, Hesperian Health Guides, and more.


Character Development

IEI believes that shaping the heart is as important as training the mind. Preparing students in values, character, and leadership is a critical component of our program. IEI published an engaging curriculum on character, Samuel Morris: Life Lessons, which is set in the African context and is taught to the students each week. In addition, IEI partnered with Youth for Christ (YFC) Liberia to begin Samuel Morris gospel Y-Clubs in each school. We believe that true meaning and fulfillment in life is found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.