Instructional Technology Assistant, IEL

Instructional Technology Assistant, IEL

Mr. Shadrach Geelar

Shadrach Geelar serves as Instructional Technology Assistant for IEL, facilitating the Samuel Morris Scholars Program in the Sinoe County schools.

Shadrach graduated from secondary school in July 2012 and went to the Webbo Rural Teacher Training Institute (WRTTI) in the same year. He graduated in August 2013 from WRTTI and earned a "C"  Certificate in Education.

In September 2013, he was employed at the St. Joseph Catholic High School and taught at two additional schools, Nimely Brothers and SJC Davies. In November 2014, he was assigned as administrative assistant to the District Education Office in Tarjuazon and served for one year.

Shadrach loves to watch football (soccer) games. He is a baptized Christian and a member of the St. Joseph Catholic Church. Shadrach brings to the team a positive spirit, organizational skills, and leadership.