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Loss of IEL Leader
August 2017

August 13, 2017, Elijah J. Tarpeh, beloved IEL director, unexpectedly passed away from complications related to leukemia treatments he had been undergoing over the summer. This is a great loss to family, friends, and the IEL program. Link to Tributes -->

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New OLC Model
May 2017

"IEL completed another successful engagement in Sinoe County. Much has been accomplished in two years. When our program was launched in September 2015, few students or teachers in the county had ever used a computer. Now, hundreds..."

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Businesses cOMIng
IN near future

A furniture factory is coming to Greenville through a partnership between IEL, Wood-Mizer, Marc Adams School of Woodworking, and others. The factory will  provide local employment and sustainable funding for the IEL program.


Phase II
February 2017

"January 2017 saw the official launch of Phase II of the program, which installed an IEL facilitator in four focus schools. This shift allows for greater accountability in the schools, as well as providing the needed technical support.  Our four facilitators..."

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Sinoe #1 in WAEC
July 2017

Sinoe County was #1 in the nation for 12th grade passing rates on the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam. IEL's Samuel Morris Scholar's Program has been active in the junior and senior high schools of Sinoe County since 2015.


Liberia Experience
November 2016

Board Member, Jan Diaz, and IEI Project Coordinator, Kiersten Gamby,  participated in their first trip with the team to Liberia. In the video above they describe some of their experiences and takeaways from the trip. For more details, click below.


YFC Partnership
November 2016

"The past few months it has become more and more apparent that the spiritual component of IEI’s program could be strengthened. Though math and technology are important components..."


Charging Case 2.0
APRIL 2016

"The trunk holds 20 energy-efficient HP Stream 11 laptops, along with the RACHEL-Plus server. All the devices will run for 8-10 hours on a charge. This enables the laptops..."


Pilot Launched

"Eight schools were selected to participate in this year-long study to assess the effectiveness of computer-based learning in rural Liberia. The pilot will focus on mathematics..." 


laptops for UMU
july 2015

"For several years, United Methodist University has been a strong partner with the Samuel Morris Scholars Program. UMU currently serves as the fiduciary agent for the Samuel Morris..." 


Back to Liberia
June 2015

"Elijah Tarpeh and Gary Friesen will be traveling back to Monrovia, June 22 – July 3, to engage in further discussions with the Ministry of Education and other key partners. They will be..."


April 2015

"In April, the Samuel Morris Scholars Program was presented to Liberia Minister of Education, Hon. Etmonia D. Tarpeh, Dr. Albert B. Coleman, Senior Policy Advisor, and members of..."


Third county added
September 2016

"IEL is thrilled to have the opportunity to continue expanding the program and, with this new addition, is now established in three Liberian counties – Sinoe, Montserrado, and Bong!..."


Breakthrough Trip
MARCH 2016

"March 12-28, the IEI team enjoyed its fifth trip to Liberia in less than a year. A key meeting was held with Hon. George Werner, Minister of Education, and his cabinet. There was good exchange... " 


Learning equality
august 2015

"August 3, the IEI team had the privilege of hosting Dr. Jamie Alexandre, President of Learning Equality. Learning Equality, Inc. is the nonprofit organization that created KA-Lite, the offline..."


Return to Liberia
June 2015

"The IEL team enjoyed two productive meetings with Dr. Romelle A. Horton, Deputy Minister for Education, Dr. Albert B. Coleman, Senior Policy Advisor, and other members of the Ministry..." 


Taylor University
May 2015

"A delegation from IEI and Ambassador Enterprises (AE) participated in a strategic partners meeting with Dr. Eugene Habecker, President, Taylor University. Joyce Wood, Senior Director..."


Liberia Trip
April 2015

"Six months ago, few would have dreamed an April trip to Liberia would have been possible. Kudos to the government of Liberia, citizens, international community, World Health..."

 May 2016

Liberian senate
May 2016

"The team had the privilege of presenting the Samuel Morris Scholars Program to the Liberian Senate. As the plenary session got underway their presentation was moved to the top of the agenda..."


MidYear Assessment

"Midyear testing was performed in eight schools participating in the Samuel Morris Scholars Program pilot. Initial results show positive gains by the students using KA-Lite to learn..."


laptops for gvl
July 2015

"Since 2013, Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) has been a strong supporter of the Samuel Morris Scholars Program. In March, 2014, the GVL School in Butaw hosted the successful KA-Lite..."


Testing Laptops
June 2015

"To simulate the computer labs we’ll be setting up in Liberia, we tested 10 laptops in a local WiFi configuration, running KA-Lite and RACHEL Library using a wireless signal..."


Univ. of Liberia
April 2015

"High level meetings took place in April at the University of Liberia, including a personal visit with Dr. Emmet A. Dennis, President, followed by a meeting with the vice..."


President meeting
March 2010

"Elijah Tarpeh, the delegation from the Sinoe County Association in the Americas, and Taylor University met with Her Excellency, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President, Liberia..."