New Olc Model

May 31, 2017


IEL completed another successful engagement in Sinoe County. Much has been accomplished in two years. When our program was launched in September 2015, few students or teachers in the county had ever used a computer. Now, hundreds of students in seven schools are comfortable with the technology. Math skills are improving using the KA-Lite learning system. The name Samuel Morris has become well known throughout the county. Samuel Morris Y-Clubs are active in ten schools, helping students grow in faith and character. IEL has added to its program what we are calling Sammy’s Amazing Learning Center, an open learning center (OLC) concept inviting students and teachers to explore all the resources on the RACHEL server. This summer, every 7th-12th grade student in Sinoe County is invited to participate in one of five venues hosting Sammy’s Amazing Learning Center. Every topic imaginable can be explored using the downloaded Wikipedia, Khan Academy, CK-12 textbooks, encyclopedias, and other video and text-based resources.