Board Member, Innovative Education International, Inc.

Board Member, Innovative Education International, Inc.

Dr. Eric Kellerer

Eric Kellerer has been the Director of the Doceō Center at Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) since its inception in January 2013. He is passionate about personalized learning that leads to systemic change in schools, districts, and nations, and has led several small and large pilot and implementation projects in education. 

Eric is also the Director of International Relations at NNU. In addition to his educational role internationally, he has made more than 30 trips to creative access countries for the purpose of ministry.

Prior to directing the NNU Doceō Center, Eric was the Executive Director of Information Technology at NNU. He received his Doctorate in Education in 2002 in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on technology in distance education.

Eric and his family served as missionaries to Thailand from 1992-1996.  His life’s passion is to proclaim God’s Kingdom for all nations and ethnic groups around the world.