Breakthrough Trip 

March 26, 2016

March 12-28, the IEI team enjoyed its fifth trip to Liberia in less than a year. A key meeting was held with Hon. George Werner, Minister of Education, and his cabinet. There was good exchange, our presentation was well received, and we felt our three objectives were met: 1) IEI’s partnership with the Ministry of Education (MOE) continues to strengthen, 2) Minister Werner granted permission for our “KA-Lite-as-the-Curriculum” model to be vetted in the 10 pilot schools, 3) We received guidance for pursuing funding through the MOE.

Our team spent extended time in two schools, College of West Africa (CWA) High School in Monrovia, and St. Paul Parish High School in Greenville, helping the teachers implement the “KA-Lite-as-the-Curriculum” model. We believe this is a game-changing model for schools that lack qualified math teachers, internet access, and electrical power. Laptop computers running KA-Lite are used to deliver the core of the mathematics curriculum. St. Paul is the first school to implement the new “digital classroom” model where the laptops are brought into the math classroom (rather than the students going to a computer lab). Both the laptops and the RACHEL-Plus server have batteries that last up to ten hours, so outlets and extension cords are not needed in the classroom. At the end of each day the laptops are placed into the carrying trunk to be recharged with a generator, and then safely stored until the next day.

  Gary Friesen, Hon. George Werner, and MOE cabinet

Gary Friesen, Hon. George Werner, and MOE cabinet

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